How to Wear Your Fascinator

Fascinators on combs are best worn on the parting side of your head.

Firstly, backcomb your hair on the parting side and hairspray it. When the hairspray has dried, hold your hair tightly back and down on your scalp.

Whilst still holding your hair down force the comb into your hair – pushing it from back to front – from the back of your head towards your forehead – against the way you are holding your hair down. Let go with both hands and it’s stuck in! Shake your head and it will remain place! Hey presto – what could be easier.

Fascinators on combs work for people with short or long hair; thick or thin hair. Even if your hair is very short and very thin you can still wear a comb. Where you are going to wear the comb, gather a few strands of hair and twist tightly from the top for a few millimeters. Then put a very small hair-coloured elastic band around it at the top. Do this three times within the length of the comb and then, with the help of a kind friend, force the comb down with three of its teeth going down through the elastic bands. Then it is secure for sure!

Combs hate clean, shiny hair so it is always better to wash your hair the day before to ensure maximum grip.

If your feathers get wet, hold them upside down over a steaming kettle and shake them – obviously taking care because the steam will burn.