Royal Ascot Revises Dress Code On Fascinators for 2012

I woke up this morning to hear the jolly news on Radio 4 that fascinators are no longer permitted in the Royal Enclosure at The Royal Ascot meeting this year. I jumped out of bed and Googled the Ascot press release which says:-

Royal Enclosure – Ladies:

“Dresses and skirts should be of modest length defined as falling just above the
knee or longer.” This replaces the less clear instruction that miniskirts are
considered unsuitable.

“Hats should be worn; a headpiece which has a base of 4 inches (10cm) or more in
diameter is acceptable as an alternative to a hat.” This clarifies that fascinators are
no longer permitted in the Royal Enclosure.

So my thinking is that a base of 4 inches (10 cms) is easy to sew the fascinator onto – thus turning it into a headpiece.  I can do it so hope is not lost!

I can make discs of sinamay or straw and then sew the feathers onto the top and then sew the disc onto a headband which I cover in the same colour satin ribbon as the main body of the fascinator.

I then read on and it says:-

Grandstand Enclosure – Ladies:

“A hat, headpiece or fascinator should be worn at all times.” This replaces advice
that many ladies wear hats but this is not compulsory.

How exciting to know that it is compulsory for fascinators to be worn at all times in the Grandstand Enclosure – I’m looking forward to a busy Spring and Summer after all.

Here’s the link to the full information from Royal Ascot.